At Krieger's we recognize the need for schools and other organizations to raise additional funds. Because of our commitment to community involvement, we are pleased to offer our “Krieger's Fundraising” promotion for your use as a fund raiser. This program is unique because it requires very little effort or cost on your part, and yet can create fantastic results.


Here’s how it works: You prepare and print “Krieger's Fundraising” Promotional Certificates to be distributed by your group (we will work with you regarding the proper wording, etc.) You can distribute the certificates to the family, friends and members of your group. There is no limit to the number of certificates that you may print, distribute or use!


Here are the basic guidelines:


  • You will receive 10% of the sales amount we collect with each certificate (sales tax is excluded from your total).
  • The certificate is not a discount. Only full priced, rather than promotional, or discounted items will count.
  • The entire order must be at full price, as we cannot separate the sale.
  • Certificate users will be required to surrender the certificate.
  • We do not care how many times the same person(s) uses a certificate.
  • Certificates may be used for dine-in, carry-out or catering orders during the designated dates assigned to your group.
  • All certificates are date specific and will have expiration date generally in 30-day cycles.
  • We will pay you the proceeds of your fund-raiser within 15 days of the end of your promotional cycle.
  • We are not granting your organization an exclusive license or opportunity to use this promotion, as we expect to have multiple organizations participate in the “Krieger's Fundraising” promotion.
  • No certificates may be circulated on Krieger’s premises. Failure to abide by this rule may result in forfeiture of charity funding.
  • These basic rules may be modified from time to time, as needed.  Your opportunity to raise a money rests entirely in your ability to encourage your group to get the coupons distributed and used, by visiting Krieger’s.


Please contact us to get your program underway at (636) 530-9665.



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Sunday 11am to 10pm

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